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I like to think that the MAGIC of photography is in knowing who you are photographing and creating a safe place. I love knowing what's important in your life, the random stories you would tell your friends, and all the small details. With this in mind,  I also want you to feel confident in who I am and what I'm about.  So don't worry, I'll go first... welcome to my life. <3


Hey there,

One of my favorite quotes is "always keep the main thing, the main thing". So first, I want to begin by sharing my main thing with you, following Jesus. It is my goal for the main thing to flow into everything that I do as a photographer. That being said, I want to be more than your photographer. When I come into the wedding day, I want to meet you where you are at and serve you past taking pretty pictures... don't get me wrong, I will take lots of pretty pictures. But, my ultimate goal is to do everything I can to serve + love you in a way that reflects Jesus.

"Basically, I take
Jesus seriously, everything else
not so much.'"

I NEVER imagined myself doing photography let alone as a full-time job... I mean NEVER! There was a point in my life where using a camera was the most terrifying and daunting task, but after graduating high school I decided to give photography a shot. I have no idea how it happened, but while in college I started taking a few portraits that then led to "wedding films''.

As I filmed weddings, I watched and observed photographers do their thing and I was mesmerized! I started scheduling portrait sessions left and right. And then I had the "brilliant, spur of the moment" decision to quit my steady student worker job to pursue photography. It was scary to leave a job that offered consistent pay for something that I couldn't guarantee would provide financially. But, I took the leap and next thing I know, I was scheduled for more weekends than I could count!

It's been a learning process, and I am in no way the perfect photographer. In fact, there are endless things that I am always looking to grow and develop to improve the craft and refine my skills. It's been humbling to see the Lord take what was once a weakness and transform it into the passion that it has become. I have absolutely fallen in love with the opportunity to pour into couples and encourage them on one of the BIGGEST days of their lives.

No. 1 

I am unashamedly obsessed with Buc-ees. My go-to is skittles + coke, but when I'm feeling wild I also love dots pretzels + starburst!

No. 2

I absolutely love all of the British movies + tv shows!
Pride + Prejudice and Downtown Abbey will always be my favorites!

No. 3

I have a whole lot of random + wild stories... and in our time together you will most likely hear or be apart of one. ;)

Things You Should Know

I would much rather get my cost effective chocolate shake from Braum's than go to Andy's, even if the drive-thru line is a million miles long.

For some reason, I LOVE telling people that I was in the olympics.... definitely no where close to true, but I a fun joke to play on people.

I don't believe in the app "BeReal" because we don't need an app to all the sudden "Be Real", pretty sure you can do that yourself.

My music taste ranges from the Home Depot theme to Taylor swift to random rap artists no one's ever heard of (including me).

In another world, I would be a lawyer....the gpa is a little too far gone in this world.

I loathe musicals. All kinds, all themes, all songs.

Yes, I do use a winky face and exclamation points with almost every message!! ;)

A good breakfast to me means a handful of skittles & a glass of sparkling grape juice. The best dinner is a small, plate sized brownie.

Give me three minutes and I can break it, no problem.

I saw a video of a 103 year old woman who only drank Dr.Pepper, my goal is to outlive her by drinking Coke-A-Cola.

I pay $26.00 a month to watch Hallmark channel, so yes... that's the only show I watch.

Apparently my burger order is weird, I beg to differ. A plain and dry burger with ketchup and lettuce is nothing but timeless.

Some people sleep with teddy bears, I sleep with whatever 10 books I thought I would read before bed.

“Always keep the main thing, the main thing."

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